Akame ga Kill! Episode 2 Review

Hi guys! So I totally wrote and submitted this on my phone earlier ( or so I thought), but apparently it didn’t do either of those things! So here’s the review, sorry that it’s late!

The second episode opens up with a flashback of Tatsumi’s friends, and then fast forwards to him before their graves, trying to make up his decision on whether or not he wants to join Night Raid. Eventually, of course, he decides to to join, and starts his training with Akame, the quiet black-haired girl we met last episode. His “training” consists of him cooking and fishing, which, though he doesn’t realize until later, was actually training him to listen to what he’s being told.

After his “training” ends, he gets his first mission: to kill a man known as the Ogre. He’s a ruthless captain in the Imperial Guard that frames people for the prime minister then kills them for profit. Through some “cunning”, he manages to talk the Ogre into coming into a dark alley with him, and then proceeds to beg to be allowed to join the Imperial Guard. The Ogre doesn’t fall for the ruse, and the battle ensues, ending with Tatsumi killing the Ogre in a slow motion flourish.

This episode was…alright in my opinion. I liked the development and where it was going, but I think the entire subject of this episode would’ve been much better if the tension was built up about his first mission, and then the next episode containing the fight. As is stands, it’s just…alright. 6/10, but still shows promise. Hopefully, not that he’s gotten past his first mission, the story can really get rolling. 


Akame ga Kill! – Episode 1 Review and First Thoughts

Blood. Darkness. Violence. Corruption. Boobs. These are all things that Akame Ga Kill! is apparently full of.

Just based on the synopsis of the series that I read before I watched it, this was definitely not what I expected. It starts out with Tatsumi, the main character, fighting a giant crustacean-esque creature called an Earth Dragon, part of a group of animals known as Danger Beasts. The Danger Beasts make no real comeback into the episode at all except by an offhanded mention, and instead you see that the world is instead very malevolent and twisted, to the point that, honestly it seems that no one can be trusted.

(This is the Earth Dragon)

The premise of the show is that Tatsumi joins Night Blade, a group of assassins who are trying to clean up their government by taking out the corrupt officials. The plot seems kind of generic in how it’s delivered, but I think it shows a lot of promise. I would rate this episode a 7/7.5, because while it IS kind of generic, I think it’ll open up into something that will be worth watching. On top of that, it is actually very well made as far as the art goes. Every person who got cut in half died beautifully. ^_^

So, as far as first episodes go it was a little weak (honestly if they had split this episode into two, I think the emotional draw to the events that happened would have been much greater than they were), but I think the real action will start now that he has joined Night Blade. I’m hoping it does anyway, because, given where it is now, it could easily degenerate into generic, run of the mill “villain of the week” killing, and I’m just not looking forward to that haha. Hopefully it goes deeper into this interesting world it’s laid out and brings some backstory to the table!

– Tyler

Sailor Moon Crystal: Episode 1- Review & First Thoughts


The moment I have been waiting for is finally here, and the little girl in me is screaming. I awed at the new animated scenes from my childhood, and recognized the familiarity.

The episode opens up the scenes from Usagi’s dreams of the moon kingdom and of a Princess and ,from what we can assume, a Prince. We are then quickly introduced to our main character Usagi ( Sailor moon of course) being her normal klutzy insecure self, and of course her furry friend Luna. Salior V is also plays a very big part in the episode even though she is mentioned in the background for now. Usagi envy’s the popularity and freedom Sailor V seems to have, and she wishes she could have that power. We are also introduced to Tuxedo Mask and Motoki, the two potential love interests, and “The Bad Guys” which I am sure we will see later.

The story follows closely to that of the manga and, for returning viewers, that of the first original episode. An evil source is trying to obtain the Silver Crystal, so is Tuxedo Mask. Someone from the evil side of things conjures up a being to take over a jewelry shop to feed off the power of young girls. Usagi then obtains her powers from Luna and becomes a magical girl! The story plays out by Usagi saving the day abd defeating the demon that has taken over the store and everyone returns to normal. The episode end with a hint that we may be introduced to Sailor Mercury.


No. The first episode isn’t anything impressive.

When Sailor Moon came out in the 90’s it really reformed everything about the “Magical girl” genre. SO as long as you slapped on a salior outfit via transformation scene people were impressed. The manga and even the first run of the show was kind of dull in the beginning too, but what Sailor Moon Crystal’s first episode did so well was hint at what is to come. The first thing you saw in this episode was the freaking moon kingdom. We know nothing about that yet, and Usagi’s recurring dream also bring to light that there is something bigger here.

The first episode gave just us something to build off of. It also really cleaned up everything I remembered about the series. The animation and art style play true to the original series, and I am excited for some awesome fight scenes guys. So those of you who have only heard of Sailor Moon … cause who hasn’t, and are just now getting into the hype, I promise you the best is yet to come.

As I, or Tyler, reviews this series we will try to keep it as if this is our first time ever being exposed to Sailor Moon. When giving our thoughts we may compare the old and new series, but will try to keep spoilery details out.


Free! Eternal Summer: Episode 1 – Review & First Thoughts


Water Is Alive. 

My favorite hit of last summer is back! A whole year has has past for this anime it is feels like it never went away!

The new series sets it self up nicely. The Iwatobi Swim Club is desperate as ever for new recruits, while Rin has been promoted to Captian of the Samezuka Academy Swim Team. Also ‘Ole Captain Goro has bought and rebuilt the childhood swim club of our familiar cast, and has let Iwatobi use it during the winter season to prepare.

After the usual swim competition between Haru and Rin that leads to a tie, The gang meets (Rin … kind of forced) back up at Iwatobi to reveal their opening of their pool. Far too cold to swim, Rin then reveals his dreams of swimming professionally is determined by nationals this year. The episode then ends with us, and Rin, being introduced to a new character, Sousoke. Will this be a new rival for Rin ?



This was the best possible way to bring back the series for another summer. It felt as if the series never ended. In away I am glad we are not watching the usual “Rin’s battle against Haru”, and we get to see that the characters have moved past that… but of course we will see some friendly competition.

The series is setting it self up for some interesting conflict. Will Haru ever act as seriously about swimming like Rin does? How is Rin going to make it this year being Captain and trying to achieve at Nationals? WHO IS SOUSOKE!?  … and those muscles.

More than ever am I glad to be able to watch Free again, and I look forward to this Eternal Summer!


Oh … and hey internet.