Akame ga Kill! – Episode 1 Review and First Thoughts

Blood. Darkness. Violence. Corruption. Boobs. These are all things that Akame Ga Kill! is apparently full of.

Just based on the synopsis of the series that I read before I watched it, this was definitely not what I expected. It starts out with Tatsumi, the main character, fighting a giant crustacean-esque creature called an Earth Dragon, part of a group of animals known as Danger Beasts. The Danger Beasts make no real comeback into the episode at all except by an offhanded mention, and instead you see that the world is instead very malevolent and twisted, to the point that, honestly it seems that no one can be trusted.

(This is the Earth Dragon)

The premise of the show is that Tatsumi joins Night Blade, a group of assassins who are trying to clean up their government by taking out the corrupt officials. The plot seems kind of generic in how it’s delivered, but I think it shows a lot of promise. I would rate this episode a 7/7.5, because while it IS kind of generic, I think it’ll open up into something that will be worth watching. On top of that, it is actually very well made as far as the art goes. Every person who got cut in half died beautifully. ^_^

So, as far as first episodes go it was a little weak (honestly if they had split this episode into two, I think the emotional draw to the events that happened would have been much greater than they were), but I think the real action will start now that he has joined Night Blade. I’m hoping it does anyway, because, given where it is now, it could easily degenerate into generic, run of the mill “villain of the week” killing, and I’m just not looking forward to that haha. Hopefully it goes deeper into this interesting world it’s laid out and brings some backstory to the table!

– Tyler

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