Akame ga Kill! – Episode 1 Review and First Thoughts

Blood. Darkness. Violence. Corruption. Boobs. These are all things that Akame Ga Kill! is apparently full of.

Just based on the synopsis of the series that I read before I watched it, this was definitely not what I expected. It starts out with Tatsumi, the main character, fighting a giant crustacean-esque creature called an Earth Dragon, part of a group of animals known as Danger Beasts. The Danger Beasts make no real comeback into the episode at all except by an offhanded mention, and instead you see that the world is instead very malevolent and twisted, to the point that, honestly it seems that no one can be trusted.

(This is the Earth Dragon)

The premise of the show is that Tatsumi joins Night Blade, a group of assassins who are trying to clean up their government by taking out the corrupt officials. The plot seems kind of generic in how it’s delivered, but I think it shows a lot of promise. I would rate this episode a 7/7.5, because while it IS kind of generic, I think it’ll open up into something that will be worth watching. On top of that, it is actually very well made as far as the art goes. Every person who got cut in half died beautifully. ^_^

So, as far as first episodes go it was a little weak (honestly if they had split this episode into two, I think the emotional draw to the events that happened would have been much greater than they were), but I think the real action will start now that he has joined Night Blade. I’m hoping it does anyway, because, given where it is now, it could easily degenerate into generic, run of the mill “villain of the week” killing, and I’m just not looking forward to that haha. Hopefully it goes deeper into this interesting world it’s laid out and brings some backstory to the table!

– Tyler


Our Hiatus

So, this whole college adjusting to college thing is a lot harder to handle what Tyler and I thought it would be, and yes the blog will take a hit from it. We will no longer be posting reviews for the summer season n here. BUT what we will do is tweet and tumble about the anime we are watching, and then at the end of the summer season we will write up a recap and announce the 2 shows we will review for the fall season.  We will start regular posting in the fall!

So! What anime series are you looking forward to watching this fall??

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-Tyler and Gates


Servant x Service Ep 6 – Review


This weeks episode of Servant x Service has alot heard from a talking bunny and an old woman trying to marry off her grandson.

Kenzo, the office boss who speaks through a talking bunny, wonders why he isn’t so popular with the newcomers and he thinks something is missing. After talking with Taishi he figures following around each new employee would be a good idea. As he follow each employee isn’t seen a creepy than helpful. So, Kenzo still searches for what he is missing.

During Kenzo’s round you see Miyoshi’s usual old woman talking about he issues. This time the old woman says that Miyoshi should marry her grandson. This is a conflict to her. She thinks that marriage might be her answer to what she is actually searching for, returning to graduate school. If she became a house wife she could go back to school. She see how stupid that plan is and declines to the old woman NICELY next time she comes in.

Kenoz also finally founds what he has been missing… his tail! You get to meet his daughter (who is human) come in and give the tail to her father. His daughter is also Toko’s friend and she has been trying to keep Toko away from the office so she doesn’t see her father’s bunny form.

The episode had some interestingly funny character development. You actually got to see that Kenzo doesn’t have a family of bunnies back home and that Miyoshi isn’t as soft spoken.

-Tyler and Gates

Silver Spoon Ep 1&2 – Review


Before the new episode is released today Tyler and I would like to get caught up with the reviews of the first two episodes!

Silver Spoon is about Yugo who is attending an Agricultural Boarding High school. Yugo is the last person you would see attending a school like this because, unlike his classmates, Yugo knows NOTHING about agriculture.With in his first week he chases a calf all the way off campus and a girl (Aki) on a horse comes and saves him.

How the school works is that they have agricultural labs and then class work, they also must join a club on campus. They also are separated in to groups for their labs, which they will see these people for the rest of their time at the school.  You see how much Yugo doesn’t know during his labs when he finds out where an egg from the chicken comes from. Yugo knows  he will have no problem doing the actual class work, though he isn’t as “agriculturally smart”. His classmates also wonder why he is even there if he doesn’t know anything about agriculture. It is hinted towards that he doesn’t want to be home so he chose the only school that would let him in from his test scores.

Yugo is also faced with the challenges of picking a club to join, and adjusting to this new life style. You meet other characters in the show from him going around wondering what club he can join, since he can’t avoid it. He ends up settling with the equestrian club because Aki (the girl who saved him) persuaded him to join. So, it is seen that there is potential shipping between the two. As he gets on to a horse for the first time by himself he accepts that he could see him self having this career and lifestyle.

The show is deliciously adorable, and a really light watch. It also seems that this is the school the the whole cast from Harvest Moon attends! Anyway Tyler and I are really excited to watch the rest of this show this season.

-Tyler and Gates

Servant x Service Ep 3 – Review


So, we were right… Servant x Service is going to be about boobs. Lucy’s boobs, specifically. This episode has some building connections, although not much else happens.

Hasebe is the overly flirtatious male in the office, always getting girls emails; even though he never uses them. Then he realizes he never got Lucy’s email, so he starts asking her out to dinner and tries to get closer to her. Surprisingly enough, he never gets her email because he forgets to ask, every time. Potential shipping? In the end Lucy tells Hasebe her breast size to pay him back for his recent kindness, and as she walks away, he realizes he forgot to ask for her email again.

– Tyler and Gates

Servant X Service Ep 2- Review


Now, having not watched many “slice of life” anime, we are trying to get use to the fact that there won’t be an overall arcing story, the show is seriously about them working as civil servants. Since the show doesn’t have really any plot arcs, it really has to focus on the interactions of the characters and their back stories.

Something I find really funny and interesting in this episode was the interaction between Megumi and Lucy. Megumi starts asked Lucy why she wears so much black and that dressing more professionally will look better. This leads into anfunny conversation about Lucy’s breasts and how she would look perfect as a character from an anime that Megumi also cosplays from. Yes, Megumi… quiet, gentle, Megumi…cosplays. This is an interesting find, because we never saw it coming, but throughout the show it becomes more apparent as she tries to recruit people to cosplay. HOPEFULLY we will see more of that later on.

Also, in this episode, you meet Toko, Taishi’s younger sister. She is a high school girl that comes by the office to make sure everyone is doing their job, and that they are well educated civil servants. She is seen as an annoying brat, but, once you find out that she is there to learn everything her brother knows cause she loves him and is afraid to lose him, you understand her and her brother’s character. And young Toko IS SOOO FREAKING CUTE!!!


Overall the show is great! It’s a really fun watch, and we’re interested in where the characters are headed!

-Gates and Tyler