Akame ga Kill! Episode 2 Review

Hi guys! So I totally wrote and submitted this on my phone earlier ( or so I thought), but apparently it didn’t do either of those things! So here’s the review, sorry that it’s late!

The second episode opens up with a flashback of Tatsumi’s friends, and then fast forwards to him before their graves, trying to make up his decision on whether or not he wants to join Night Raid. Eventually, of course, he decides to to join, and starts his training with Akame, the quiet black-haired girl we met last episode. His “training” consists of him cooking and fishing, which, though he doesn’t realize until later, was actually training him to listen to what he’s being told.

After his “training” ends, he gets his first mission: to kill a man known as the Ogre. He’s a ruthless captain in the Imperial Guard that frames people for the prime minister then kills them for profit. Through some “cunning”, he manages to talk the Ogre into coming into a dark alley with him, and then proceeds to beg to be allowed to join the Imperial Guard. The Ogre doesn’t fall for the ruse, and the battle ensues, ending with Tatsumi killing the Ogre in a slow motion flourish.

This episode was…alright in my opinion. I liked the development and where it was going, but I think the entire subject of this episode would’ve been much better if the tension was built up about his first mission, and then the next episode containing the fight. As is stands, it’s just…alright. 6/10, but still shows promise. Hopefully, not that he’s gotten past his first mission, the story can really get rolling. 


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